Many New Jersey homes were built with large attics—hundreds of square feet meant to be utilized. Unfortunately, many homes have these spaces unfinished! If your attic currently has exposed framing and insulation or a thin layer of dust accumulating, give AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry a call. This space is just waiting for you to make the most of it!

We’ve helped homeowners throughout the state turn their unused, unoccupied attics into livable spaces for a variety of uses. It’s a great way to add resale value to your home, utilize the square footage you’re already paying for, and give yourself a little breathing room if your home is feeling crowded.

What Will Your Attic Become?

Attic remodeling offers tons of possibilities for extra space. Turn it into an extra bedroom. Or, consider its merits as a studio where you can enjoy your favorite hobby. It might even become a recreational space where you go to watch movies, play games and entertain! Whatever your attic is set to become, AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry will ensure it meets your standards. From the studs to a completely finished area, we’re the authority on making the most of your unfinished attic.

  • Entertainment area
  • Extra bedroom
  • Finished storage
  • Master suite
  • Playroom
  • Recreational space
  • Studio or study

Make Your Attic Part of Your Home

For many homeowners, their attic is a separate area from their house—an unused space that’s an afterthought. We make it part of your home by integrating it fully with the rest of your livable space. From finishing it in the same style as your primary living area, to making it easily accessible, we make sure it’s a space you’ll love to spend time in.

Whether it’s a bedroom or a common area, you can rest assured that our attention to detail will extend to every facet of your attic. Let us help you enjoy this space like it was meant to be used—as part of your everyday life.

Permits and Inspections

Finishing your attic means getting the right permits and scheduling inspections. We handle the red tape so you can start enjoying your finished attic space sooner. We’ll file building permits in accordance with the nature of your attic renovation and make sure inspections are scheduled to keep the project on time and under budget. Everything will be done to the letter and in accordance with building code, keeping your home up to date.

Start Enjoying Your Attic

If your attic is unfinished and unused, it’s wasted space you’re paying for! Get the most out of your attic and call AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry for attic renovation services. We’ll finish this space in whatever capacity you need it—from an extra bedroom, to a master suite, to a playroom for the kids! Contact us today at 908-781-7932 for more information about attic remodeling or to start planning your project today.