Flooring is always underfoot, and it bears the burden of daily wear and tear. When your flooring starts to look lackluster and drags down the appeal of your interior, call AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry to have it replaced or refinished. Our abilities extend to all types of flooring, and we’re ready to tackle flooring projects big and small. Call us to have your hardwood refinished or new tile installed, or even laminate flooring completely replaced.

We don’t see your flooring as just something you’re going to walk all over. To us, it’s a critical part of your home’s interior design and a major contributor to atmosphere. Let us show you the power of well-chosen, well-installed flooring.

Dustless Floor Refinishing

Refinishing hardwood flooring used to be a complex and very dusty process. Not anymore! Through our dustless floor refinishing service, we contain all dust and debris during the sanding process, so you’re not left with a thin cloud of sawdust throughout your home. Using a vacuum-backed HEPA-vac sander, we’re able to give your floor a thorough sanding quickly, with minimal cleanup involved.

After the dustless sanding process, we coat your flooring with the stain of your choosing and seal it to preserve the luster and beauty of your authentic hardwood flooring. Your flooring will gleam beautifully, bringing renewed appeal to your space.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Real hardwood is a timeless option for flooring and one of the most resilient. If your current hardwood is damaged or you want to take your flooring down to the subfloor and install authentic hardwood atop it, call us. Our selection of materials include real hardwood planks, as well as engineered hardwood flooring. Consult with us about your budget and the type of wood or grain pattern you want to achieve, and we’ll bring it to life in your home.

Laminate Floor Installation

Laminate flooring is a cost-effective material that comes in an abundance of styles and colors. It’s great for areas with heavy wear or exposure, and is durable, easy to clean and low-maintenance. Whether you’re remodeling or just looking to update the flooring in a room, call us for quality laminate, carefully installed to perfection. We handle the process with care, so your laminate looks great and stands up to everyday wear and tear.

Tile Installation

Few flooring materials match the strength, durability and beautiful appeal of tile. Our flooring specialists work with all types of natural stone and ceramic tile, laying beautiful floors that exemplify everything tile has to offer. From bathrooms and kitchens to mudrooms and anywhere else you demand the resilience of tile, call us for complete installation services. From helping you pick the tile, to mortar and tile laying, to finishing and sealing, our methods result in stellar flooring.

AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry is the company to call when you have flooring needs. We can completely replace worn-out flooring materials, refinishing your beautiful hardwood or install custom tile designs that accent your aesthetic. Contact us today at 908-781-7932 to learn more about our flooring capabilities or to schedule a consultation. Let us bring beautiful flooring into your New Jersey home!