The appeal and condition of your wood surfaces depends almost entirely on how well they’re stained and sealed. It takes an experienced hand to deliver an even, complementary stain and a careful approach to protectively seal it. AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry provides staining and sealing of the highest caliber, protecting your interior and exterior surfaces against the damages of time, wear and tear.

We welcome staining and sealing projects of any size, and promise finished results that raise the integrity of your home by leaps and bounds. From bookshelves and built-ins to decks and gazebos, we give your wood surfaces the attention and care they need to look great and last.

Surfaces we Stain and Seal

Wood surfaces are abundant throughout your home’s interior and exterior. Inside there’s trim, molding, built-ins, bookshelves, mantles and myriad other features. Outside, decking, trellises, gazebos and trim all deserve protection from the elements. The key to maintaining the beauty of these features, big and small, is proper staining and sealing.

We take the time to tailor our approach to wood staining and sealing projects. This means working with you to determine the right stain color and stain technique, then protecting each surface using the right sealant for the application.

Any Color or Finish

The beauty of natural wood comes from its unique grain pattern and tonal depth. Staining wood should bring these features out and turn them into accents! From a gentle stain for stronger grain patterns to darker stains that deepen the hue of subtler woods, we take the time to advise you on the right stain aesthetic. Let us show you exactly what the result will look like by providing samples to browse through—ones you can hold right up to your home to get the full effect.

Finish is also something we help you consider. Whether you want your wood to gleam with a glossy sheen or offset your décor with a matte finish, rest assured we have a sealant to accomplish this aesthetic. Ultimately, we want you to love the wood that defines your home and make sure it provides the right accent in the right way.

Protect Your Wood Surfaces

Few materials are as luxurious as real hardwood. Whether it’s built into your home or part of your exterior living space, your wood deserves to make an impact! Whether it’s an accent, a focal point or complementary to your home, we’ll help your wood stand out in the way you want it to.

Contact AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry today to learn more about our approach to staining and sealing. Reach us at 908-781-7932 to discuss the scope of your project and we’ll be glad to schedule a consultation appointment at a time that’s good for you.