Redecorating? Remodeling? Just tired of looking at the same old walls in your home every day? Call AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry to have them updated with a fresh coat of paint! Not only can a fresh coat reinvent your interior, it might just be the change you need to update, decorate or improve the space where you live.

Consult with the Experts

When you choose us to paint your home’s interior, we start with a color consultation. We bring true-tone color samples into your home, placing them adjacent to trim and flooring so you can see how they look juxtaposed to your home’s critical elements. Best of all, we leave them there so you can see how they look morning, noon and night, in any light. We make it easy to find the ideal color for every room.

Premium Paints

We only use the highest quality paints because we believe quality breeds quality. Using quality materials is the key to an exceptional result. Once you’ve found a color you like, expect us to deliver experienced guidance in taking you through the maze of preparation, types of finishes and paint selection. Based on the color or paint brand you like, we’re able to tell you everything you need to know about how the process will unfold.

All paint manufacturers offer several levels of paint quality. We exclusively use only the highest quality paints and preparation agents. Higher quality paints ensure longer lasting finishes, improved color retention, easier cleaning and reduced dirt and dust accumulation.

Interior Painting Process

You’ll be absolutely astounded by the level of effort our team puts into your project before a single can of paint is even opened. We believe 80% of the work is preparation, which is why we have a robust process from start to finish:

  • Set-up: Items are placed in the center of the room and covered with clean, new plastic sheeting. All floors are protected with drop cloths.
  • Prepare: Based on your request, holes and cracks in ceilings and walls are repaired, stains are sealed, and surfaces are scuff sanded.
  • Paint: Repaired areas are primed and premium quality paint (Benjamin Moore or Sherry Williams) are applied to a uniform finish.
  • Clean: Furniture and accessories are moved back to their desired locations. Floors and carpets are vacuumed and swept. All our materials and tools are removed.
  • Inspect: After our own inspections, you are invited to inspect our work and asked to complete the feedback card for our interior house painting job and the crew.

Expect nothing but excellence throughout the process. Our commitment to every phase of interior home painting is what’s made us the go-to company in New Jersey for nearly 30 years.

Extraordinary Finishes for Exceptional Homes

No one completes an interior home painting project like AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry. Call us today at 908-781-7932 to learn more about the process or to request an estimate on painting services. Let us leave you with an interior you absolutely love to look at!