To deliver the exceptional exterior home painting results we’re known for, AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry is able to provide customers with exterior power washing. We offer this service as part of your exterior paint job, as well as standalone. It’s a great way to strip away years of weathering from your home, to bring out the beauty of the base surface again. If your exterior paint is in good condition and is simply marred by debris, it’s a great investment.

Surfaces we Power Wash

We power wash just about any exterior surface, including all types of siding material, concrete, decking and other wood structures, and any metal surfaces.

We use professional-grade power washing equipment that allows us to adjust our approach to each unique surface. For example, power washing might damage a soft wood surface if the pressure of the water is too high. We carefully approach each job with the right pressure and cleaning technique to maintain its integrity. Best of all, we can power wash multiple different types of surfaces on a single jobsite, all as part of the same cleaning project.

Safe Power Washing for Your Home

We don’t just use everyday hardware store power washing products to clean your home. As with all things we do, our approach is rooted in quality. This means we use professional-grade power washing equipment, with the settings and configurations needed to serve a broad range of products. We’re able to adjust water temperature and pressure, as well as any cleaning additives. This allows us to deliver a truly unique, always safe level of approach to your job.

When we’re finished, you’ll have an exterior that looks better than it has in years! Whether you just need power washing or we’re prepping for a brand-new coat of paint on your home, rest assured in the superior results we’re known to provide.

Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

What’s the difference between power washing and pressure washing? It’s a question many of our customers ask, and one we’re happy to answer! The difference is simple:

  • Power washing uses pressurized water that’s heated, to blast away even hardened debris
  • Pressure washing only uses pressurized water to clean surfaces

We always deliver power washing service because we believe it’s more effective and a better value for homeowners. Power washing ensures even the hardiest debris is removed from your home’s exterior, so it’s ready to accept a new coat of paint. Power washing is also one of the most effective ways to remove old, peeling paint, making restoration work quicker and easier to get finished.

Call the Power Washing Professionals

AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry knows how to use more than just a paintbrush—we’re also handy with power washing equipment. If your home’s exterior is showing signs of age and weathering, or you’re gearing up for a new paint job, call us at 908-781-7932 to inquire about power washing services. We’ve washed homes throughout New Jersey and have a stellar reputation for the results we achieve. Call us and see for yourself!