There are plenty of painting and remodeling contractors in New Jersey to choose from. There’s a reason homeowners throughout the state have put their faith in AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry for three decades! They know, when working with us, they’ll get professional quality service, top-notch materials and craftsmanship, unparalleled style and affordable rates, to maximize their budget.

Attention to Every Detail

Attention to even the smallest details makes a big difference in the outcome of a project. Our teams take extra care to observe the little things while we’re on the job. Whether it’s taking the time to stop and make sure things are right or going back to fix the smallest imperfection, we do it without hesitation. You’ll find our workers are more than careful when it comes to keeping a clean work environment and respecting your space. For us, the details are what result in a job well-done and they’re why homeowners consistently recommend us to their friends neighbors and family.

No Sub-Contracting!

We use only in-house staff on our projects, all supervised by Antonio or Andres Osses. On-site supervision ensures the scope of work and our staff are being managed properly at all times. You’ll also have someone to communicate with when important questions arise.

Most often a three-man crew is sufficient to maintain proper supervision and consistent workmanship. We do not believe in over-manning a job with six or eight painters, or under-manning a job with one. We staff the right crew—without subcontracting—to ensure your project receives the attention it needs from experienced professionals.

Three-Year Warranty

We stand by our work! As our way of showing our confidence in your satisfaction, we offer our customers a three-year warranty on all the work we do. Even more importantly, we stand by our warranty and always honor it. Remember, a warranty is only as good as the quality of the contractor providing it. If you’re not working with a legitimate professional contractor, don’t expect the contractor to stand behind their warranty. We do, giving you another reason to choose us for your project.

We’re Open to Dialogue

We are a company that listens. Our business is predicated on creating connections with our clientele, who we consider friends rather than just paying customers. This unconventional relationship with clients defines how we operate. While we have been industry tested and proven for over two decades, we always take our clients’ ideas into consideration, allowing them to take charge of what shape they want their homes to take.

Trustworthy and Safe

We are routinely entrusted with key access to some of the county’s most prestigious homes, and our repeat business with many of our clients spans fifteen years or more. Many people express concern over contractors that juggle their workers across multiple jobs, expanding the time and disruption they may cause the client during the painting process. Our promise to you is that the painting crew we assign will remain exclusively on your project until its completion.

Start Your Project With Us!

If you’ve got a painting, flooring, carpentry or remodeling project and are looking for the right company to turn it into a reality, choose AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry. We’ll prove to you the caliber of our work and promise the finest results money can buy. Contact us today at 908-781-7932 to get started.