Are you making the most of your property outside of your home’s interior? If you’ve got backyard space you’re not using, it could be prime real estate for a deck. AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry builds decks of all sizes, customizing an outdoor living space for you that complements your home and supports your lifestyle. Let us help you enjoy the great outdoors, with a space that’s well-suited for any activity.

Custom Decking Solutions

Decks can serve a broad range of purposes. For some, they’re a place to lounge and relax. For others, they’re the perfect place to fire up the grill or host a party. Whatever your vision for your deck, count on us to build it.

Our team works directly with you as part of an immersive consultation experience. Together, we’ll get your vision for a great deck down on paper, then adjust and improve it until it’s something that’s perfect for your property. We do more than just proportion the deck—we make sure the plans support your needs. Whether that means building multiple access points, designing built-in seating or integrating outdoor amenities, we promise your deck design will be all-inclusive and totally supportive.

Explore Composite Decking

Composite materials are one of the modern marvels of outdoor construction and a staple in the world of deck building. Composite looks like real wood and gives you endless possibilities for customization—all while standing up to time, wear and the elements better than traditional decking lumber!

We recommend composite decking to New Jersey homeowners because it offers the very best return on investment. You design the deck; we’ll bring it to life with materials that make it look exceptional. We can even match the aesthetic of your home’s siding! It needs only light power washing every few years to stay looking exceptional.

Stain and Seal for Decks

Have a deck made of pressure-treated wood? Deck lumber is durable and strong, but needs a little maintenance from time to time. If your deck looks a little weather-worn or is damaged, talk to us about refinishing and sealing services.

For decks in good condition, we can power wash, stain and reseal the wood. This strips away years of buildups and marring, giving new life to an old deck. Our master carpenters can repair damaged sections of your deck as part of the restoration process, too. Choose your finish and we’ll seal the entire deck to prevent future weathering, rot or warping. It’s a great way to get even more use out of your old deck!

Deck Repair and Restoration

If you’re installing a new deck, AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry can handle the entire process—from permitting to building and everything in-between. For existing decks, call us for repairs, maintenance and general upkeep. We’re committed to giving you an outdoor space you love to spend time in. Reach us today at 908-781-7932 to discuss your decking needs with our experienced pros.