The architectural features of your home are part of what makes it unique and special. When it comes to adding, changing or restoring these features, a good carpenter is worth his weight in gold! Thankfully, you won’t have to pay quite that much when you call AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry—but you’re still going to get the exceptional work your home deserves. We’re available for a broad range of carpentry projects, to help you maintain a distinguished home.

  • Wainscoting and crown molding: The wood adorning your walls is what gives your home unique appeal. Baseboards, crown molding, wainscoting and shadowboxing all contribute to the look and feel of your rooms. Whether you need these elements updated, repaired or installed to breathe new appeal into your interior, we’re just a phone call away. Our team has access to styles and products that exemplify your home.
  • Custom bookshelves and built-ins: The functional wood elements of your home are its most regal features. Built-in shelving, curio cabinets, drawers, bookshelves and displays all radiate beauty and ambiance. Call us to preserve, repair or install these sophisticated features! Our team takes delicate care of your built-ins and has the capacity to create totally custom bookshelves and other structural pieces, to help you define your home.
  • Windows and doors: From repairing window settings to installing a beautiful new front door, let us help you put the finishing touches on your home. Our experience with windows and doors ensures these dual-facing features complement both your interior comfort and your home’s exterior appeal. We pay attention to the little details, so the defining elements of your home send the right message about you and your property.
  • Window trim repair: Window trim is one of the vital elements of every interior room—at least, the ones that have a window! Call us to strip away old trim that’s damaged, rotted or outdated, then install new, luxurious, eye-catching trim in its place. We even take care to properly insulate your trim, preventing air gaps and other issues that affect your home’s efficiency and comfort.
  • Decks: Your deck is very likely the largest wood structure on your property—besides your home itself! Whether you want one built to enjoy for a generation to come or need your current decking refinished and repaired, we’re up for the job. Our abilities extend to decks of all sizes and our craftsmanship ensures a deck that looks great for decades.
  • Custom closets: Want more from your closets? We can build custom closet organization systems for any need, no matter the size of the space. Our closet solutions are more regal than store-bought racking systems and the perfect solution to any need—from bathrooms to bedrooms and all the closets in-between throughout your home.

Good carpentry is a product of prideful craftsmanship, and that’s exactly what AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry is known for. If you have a residential carpentry project coming up, reach us at 908-781-7932 to schedule a consultation and an estimate.