AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry is a family-owned and -operated business run by father and son duo Antonio and Andres Osses. We have a strong emphasis on family and pride ourselves on being more than just another painting and remodeling company—we’re a personable, reputable company you can trust. From answering your questions, to the high-caliber craftsmanship we’re known for, to the longstanding warranty we offer—everything we do is with your satisfaction in mind.

To learn more about our story—what drives us and how we’ve come to be the company we are today—please enjoy this personal letter from Andres Osses:

You’ve heard the old saying that some kids are ‘born with a silver spoon in their mouth.’ Well, I guess you could say I was ‘born with a paintbrush in my hand.’

My dad, Antonio Osses, started his painting business in 1991. While most kids were out playing during their summer break from school, I was learning from my father how to putty, caulk and sand. By age fifteen, I could paint right along with the best of his workers twice my age.

That was many years ago, and the family tradition of painting continues today. In the early years, my father focused mainly on residential painting. Today, I’ve added hardwood flooring refinishing and installation, carpentry, remodeling services and commercial painting projects to the fold. Why? Not just because of the skilled team we’ve cultivated through the years, but because we enjoy the artistic element of meticulous work.

Throughout the years we’ve worked with a lot of clients—but we’ve also developed many close friendships. Seeing a satisfied happy client/friend at the end of the job makes our work very rewarding. We believe happy clients and good friends are far more important than a silver spoon.

Andres Osses

To learn more about the history of AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry, just ask Antonio or Andres Osses! One of the two manages every project, and is always happy to tell you more about our company background, capabilities and our mission to deliver complete customer satisfaction.