When AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry is on-site for a flooring project, we always prioritize respect for your home. We know floor refinishing can be a messy process, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to invest in technologies that keep mess to a minimum. Our dustless floor refinishing products and equipment allow us to focus on delivering the best possible results, without turning your home into a disaster zone!

Flooring Dust and Debris

To refinish hardwood flooring, the surface needs to be sanded. During the sanding process, particles of silica dust and sawdust are created and kicked up into the air. They tend to settle in a thin layer of dust on flat surface and, if not immediately trapped or cleaned up, can be inhaled by workers or homeowners. It’s important not to underestimate the adverse effects of silica dust inhaled. It’s why we work hard to keep the jobsite free of dust at all times.

Our Dust Collection Equipment

Our dustless sanding process traps silica particles and sawdust before they ever have a chance to disperse into the air. We use Festool and BuildClean dust control systems, which eliminate over 90% of airborne dust, remove abrasive embedment and produce a more consistent finish than most dust control systems. They’re the key to maintaining a healthy, clean environment for the duration of a project.

At the point of creation, BuildClean dust control systems trap dust better than just about any other system available today! Our equipment consists of a two-stage filtration system that effectively collects both grainy and fine particles, helping our clients who suffer from asthma and allergies feel comfortable living through a renovation.

We also have innovative dust control systems to minimize the migration of dust throughout your home. Our Festool vacuum system exchanges the air of your home over six times per hour—more than 6,000 cubic feet of air that’s replaced every 10 minutes! It’s enough to jettison any stray particles before they become a nuisance or hazard.

We Keep Your Home Clean

Whether we’re finishing the flooring in a single room or renewing its appeal throughout, AAA Custom Painting & Carpentry delivers a dustless experience that keeps your home clean and safe. Ask us about our state-of-the-art equipment and we’ll be happy to explain the benefits. It’s all part of our commitment to your satisfaction and the integrity of the work we do!

To schedule a consultation for dustless floor refinishing or to learn more about the process, contact us today at 908-781-7932.